Double check

It’s not enough to have a business continuity plan down on paper. Real life testing is necessary to validate assumptions. Get more tips here:

We can help

Allow us to secure your business systems and data from all threats with ongoing technology monitoring and management. Download this eBook to learn more:

Web Security?

private internet access

Are you currently aware of your internet security? Did you know your information is never safe? When you browse Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or other social media sites, why do you think its free? It’s not. The fee is your personal demographic. What do you like? Where do you visit? Who are your friends? What do […]

Tech After Five

tech after five

Hope everyone is doing well, we are attending another great networking event here in Charleston tomorrow. We hope you’ll be there, too. Tech After Five is a great place to meet new people, new jobs, and new ideas. We hope to see you there. Liberty Tap RoomAddress: 1028 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464Time: […]

We’re only human

Working with robots? Then your data might be safe. If you work with humans, then you should give me a call about protecting your data from the guy sitting next to you. #dataloss


Mother Nature is an unstoppable force. Fires, floods, hurricanes, or blizzards, natural disasters happen and so does downtime. The good news? Protecting your business is easy.

Only one?

Backup isn’t enough. To avoid downtime, your applications need to run on-demand from virtual machines backed up in the cloud. #cloudbackup

Cloud Voice and much more

We MAKE PRODUCTIVITY & COLLABORATION AFFORDABLE Move your phone system to the cloud and reduce your communications expenses plus get other essential features like video conferencing, chat and file sharing at no additional cost, all integrated to help increase employee efficiency and productivity. This isn’t your ordinary phone system. –––––––– This is Unite™ –––––––­–   […]