Hello everyone, We are sorry for the downtime. We were moving some of systems around on servers and moved to a better cloud-based back end. We didn’t expect any downtime to occur, but it did. Thank you for your patience. All parts of the website are back up and so is the customer portal. If […]

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey

Hello, we are looking to assist with the destruction cleanup and recovery efforts in Texas. We will be gathering any used or recycled computers that you do not want anymore and refurbishing them to send to Texas. This would only be a small effort but we believe will make a big difference. A lot of […]

Solar Eclipse

As a reminder, our office will be closed today in observance of the solar eclipse. We are unable to make immediate travel repairs. All operations will resume tomorrow on a regular schedule. Thank you.

Infrastructure Wiring

Last week we got to see inside a client looking to do some cabling cleanup. Well, it was in wall….for the most part. This client didn’t have the know how of what to expect on in-wall cabling or how it is supposed to be. So, the contractor did most of the work quickly and did […]


Never before has an attack to multiple computers been so great than in the last few years. We have seen more and more of these ransomware attacks targeting large corporations and businesses. Why? Because most of these businesses are too large to effectively keep their systems up to date and scanned daily. So, what happens? […]

New Customer Portal

We have a new customer portal. Now you can log in to see current tickets, open quotes, contracts, managed assets, and documents. From this portal you’ll be able to open up new tickets or check the knowledgebase for information. We hope that this new system will help customers easily access information they need. It will […]

Ticketing and IT Management

Need help managing your IT needs? We can track every support request and identify which order to resolve each case. With organization and efficiency, we can resolve all of your IT needs. Contact us today to see how we can help your business save money!

Call before you dig!

Always be sure to call before you dig. For South Carolina, always call 811 before you put that shovel in the ground. It is a good idea to plan for the surveyors to come out before you start a project. It takes up to 5 business days for them to come out to mark all […]

Upgrade your phone system!

Today, most forms of sales and communications rely heavily on voice. Have you checked what system actually runs your phones? Do you have dropped calls, outages, or terrible voice quality? Never miss a note again. Upgrade your system to an HD VOIP phone system. We offer many types of solutions that will tailor to your […]

Think ahead

You have probably already heard about the recent incident with Amazon’s cloud services. If you haven’t, a brief overview is that the large cloud provider had a glitch which took thousands of websites down or to the slow crawling breaking point. Many businesses use cloud services to sustain uptime and availability at a high cached […]