Be Proactive!


It’s always that one time when a computer stops working, right before payroll or around tax time. You just can’t get it to work. Then, you have to call your IT guy (or girl), and wait on them to come out to diagnose and then repair or resolve your computer issues. This usually spans about […]

Stay ahead

Messy Network

Why is it so expensive to repair a computer or fix a network? Why does it cost and arm and a leg to hire someone to do these tasks? Because reaction is always worse than proactive. If you are always late to the party, there is nothing left. If you are proactive about your IT […]

Computer Woes

We see all kinds of clients. There are small businesses everywhere. From trucking companies, to doctors offices, to other IT companies. We have multiple services that we offer. We aim to accomodate any market that needs our services the most. Broken computer? We can fix it. Got a virus? We’ll remove it. Older computer? We […]

Gearin’ Up

petya attack

Do you run a business? No? How about owning a home computer with hundreds of memories in the formĀ  of pictures and videos? Ransomware is on the rise. Petya just diminished the shipping/logistics giant, Maersk. A week of installing over 45,000 desktop computers, 2,000 servers, and over 2,500 software applications. All of which took many […]

New Project – Initial Tear Out


Hello everyone, We’re posting this as a quick update to a project we’ve started. This is just a quick update of demolition. We’ve basically removed all cable from the old office space and have started to cleanup. This included removal of over 100 cat5e cables running from the MDF (server room) and fiber as well […]

Bad Wi-Fi?

Wifi Problems

Are you ready for the holidays? Are you sure? What about your wireless? Friends or family coming over? Is your network ready? Contact us today to resolve any issues. Upgrade your outdated wireless router. Does your current router not have the range to cover your whole house? Newer wireless routers are built with larger antenna’s […]

Demo for Reno

Demo Time

How often do you move offices? Not too often I’d assume. There is a lot of work involved in inventory, packing, and prep and setup at your new location. But, the other issue is, what do you do with everything left over? Well, we’ll show you.

Infrastructure Wiring

Last week we got to see inside a client looking to do some cabling cleanup. Well, it was in wall….for the most part. This client didn’t have the know how of what to expect on in-wall cabling or how it is supposed to be. So, the contractor did most of the work quickly and did […]


Never before has an attack to multiple computers been so great than in the last few years. We have seen more and more of these ransomware attacks targeting large corporations and businesses. Why? Because most of these businesses are too large to effectively keep their systems up to date and scanned daily. So, what happens? […]

Ticketing and IT Management

Need help managing your IT needs? We can track every support request and identify which order to resolve each case. With organization and efficiency, we can resolve all of your IT needs. Contact us today to see how we can help your business save money!